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Dan & Nori specialize in marriage, family and relationship conferences. They have a knack for bringing God right into the bedroom, right into the bank account, right into the heart of the matter in a safe and exciting way. See what the Lord can do. Invite Dan & Nori to your next conference today! 


Dan Chesney received his masters at Pepperdine University, CA in community clinical phycology.


Dan & Nori Chesney have an impeccable global reputation for counseling and ministry.

80+ Years


Dan & Nori Chesney have over 80+ years of combined successful experience in marriage counseling.

Image by Amaury Gutierrez

The Fruit Is Real

Dan & Nori have seen divorces called off, couples remarried, ministries restored and so much of this fruit begins to bloom at conferences just like these. Don't wait, God is ready to move in your life today.

Image by Amaury Gutierrez

Fay Mustapha

[I found] the studies and teachings on Freedom from Controlling Relationships by Dan and Nori Chesney to be a real gem for me. The series was truly profound. It gave me an insight into myself, my life, where I have been an intimidator, a manipulator or a victim, knowingly or unwittingly, which I never realized before. The truth of God’s Word reinforces my faith which in turn overcomes any fear I have, which in turn brings about the change which ultimately results in true freedom. Thank you Dan and Nori!

Kenneth Quinn

 I had brought a friend to the meeting you had in our church and I think Nori had spoken to him regarding salvation. At the end of the meeting, Nori gave me a Word and said "not to give up but to pray and stand believing for my friend and I would have the privilege of seeing him come into the kingdom.” Well, at 4:35[pm] today that's what happened. He asked the Lord for forgiveness and surrendered his life to Christ. Thought you would like to know. "His love never fails. He never gives up..

Christy Hughes

[Our daughter] was born early and had many obstacles along the way. But as we prayed, all of these obstacles turned around. The Word you gave us was right on and has helped us tremendously over the past couple of weeks. We thank God.

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