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Counseling for Christian Leaders

Dan & Nori have been successfully counseling couples and families for decades, seeing hundreds of people freed from their struggles. Unlike the traditional model of therapy and clinical phycology, having only one therapist or counselor, Dan & Nori provide the opportunity for couples to work through their issues with them as a couple. This dynamic has proved to be a huge benefit, as it becomes easier for everyone to feel heard and understood. 


Dan Chesney received his masters at Pepperdine University, CA in community clinical phycology.


Dan & Nori Chesney have an impeccable global reputation for counseling and ministry.

80+ Years


Dan & Nori Chesney have over 80+ years of combined successful experience in marriage counseling.


One Small Step

If you want to see your love return, your family whole again, and your confidence restored then just take one small step. One step towards God is one step away from destruction. One step towards those that want to help, that can help, is one step away from despair and isolation.

David LAMB

~ Pastor ~

Life changing teaching and revelation. I never knew there was so much in the Bible about honor and how obedience is the best way to honor God. Awesome stuff.

David and Mary LaChance

~ Pastors ~

When the name Dan Chesney is spoken, what comes to mind is PRAYER!!!! You have always modeled that for us. I always knew that at some point in the day, mostly mornings, Dan would be off praying either downstairs in our home, or out on a run. We’re blessed to have our home filled with your prayers! Pray On! Preach On!

Christy Hughes

[Our daughter] was born early and had many obstacles along the way. But as we prayed, all of these obstacles turned around. The Word you gave us was right on and has helped us tremendously over the past couple of weeks. We thank God.

Image by Wedding Dreamz

Is There Hope for My Marriage?

Sometime relationships should end, but most of the time they can and should be saved. You've built a life together and destroying it is usually not the answer. 

However, insight into the issues is never enough. It's crucial that the truth come to the surface, but that is just the beginning. Only through forgiveness and humility can you heal. Traditional therapy may expose the problems, but it is only by placing God at the center of the healing process that you will be set free from the anger or the shame, and truly fall in love again.

Is There Hope for My Family?

A happy family is not something you have by accident. Children and parents in law can push us to our limits and it's easy to become passive, but this only leads to resentment and regret. God has so much more in store for you and your family. He has a plan and a way for you to have unity and peace filling every corner of you house and heart.


Dan & Nori have 3 children and 6 grandchildren, all of whom love Jesus. Contact them today and begin the journey of rediscovering the joy of a happy family.

Image by Sarah Medina

There Is Hope!

Contact Dan & Nori today and see what God can do. He will never let you down.

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