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Side by Side

Side by Side is an exclusive getaway for couples in ministry to rediscover what it means to fall in love with Jesus and each other. This four day event is hosted in beautiful locations, affording you the opportunity to step away from the monotony or life and rediscover what it means to live. 

Stop hiding, stop hurting and stop waiting for things to change. Reach out today and get ready for your marriage and your ministry to be completely restored.

Reach out today. Your miracle is waiting for you.

Dan & Nori Chesneyhave a combined 80+ years of expertise in relationship counseling and ministry.


Their strong marriage and substantive history in ministry has create demand over the years for a tailored one-on-one, or Side-by-Side counseling experience for pastors.

Their unique approach combines couples counseling, and individual, one-on-one counseling, and has proven to be incredibly effective.



Dan Chesney received his masters at Pepperdine University, CA in community clinical phycology.


Dan & Nori Chesney have an impeccable global reputation for counseling and ministry.

80+ Years


Dan & Nori Chesney have over 80+ years of combined successful experience in marriage counseling.

Side by Side

The Devil Is Trying To Destroy  Marriages & Churches

It is no coincidence that ministries are threatened when marriages are threatened. Today is the day to take back what God has given to you.

Image by Akira Hojo

David LAMB

~ Pastor ~

Life changing teaching and revelation. I never knew there was so much in the Bible about honor and how obedience is the best way to honor God. Awesome stuff.

David and Mary LaChance

~ Pastors ~

When the name Dan Chesney is spoken, what comes to mind is PRAYER!!!! You have always modeled that for us. I always knew that at some point in the day, mostly mornings, Dan would be off praying either downstairs in our home, or out on a run. We’re blessed to have our home filled with your prayers! Pray On! Preach On!

Christy Hughes

[Our daughter] was born early and had many obstacles along the way. But as we prayed, all of these obstacles turned around. The Word you gave us was right on and has helped us tremendously over the past couple of weeks. We thank God.


Rest & Restore

Side by Side is a specifically tailored getaway for you and your spouse. 

Hosted in some of the most beautiful locations on earth, you and your spouse will have the opportunity to step away from the monotony or life and rediscover what it means to fall in love all over again.

Image by Sorasak

How Much Does Side By Side Cost?

Most of the expenses for Side By Side are covered, however, this exclusive event, by invitation only. If you believe this would be the healthy experience for you, then please reach out to us today!

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